Thursday, September 17, 2009

that impromtu Mexican Independence day celebration on the 15th-

So, I failed in covering that impromptu Mexican Independence day celebration off Lawrence on the 15th, but luckily, other bloggers stepped up to fill in the void.

Dawn Reiss did a nice piece on true/slant, and the photographer Andrew A. Nelles got some great shots, posted here.

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  1. Hi - thanks for visiting my site. Yes, the sign by the river does say, basically, 'don't let the river water touch your skin and immediately disinfect yourself if it happens'. But the park and river walk are quite nice. We were there on a Sunday and there were people biking, jogging, walking, families picnicking, some kids baseball games. I have some pictures of the solar powered lights, the landscaping, and a few others that I will eventually post.

    I like your blog - it's nice that neighborhood focused blogs are starting up. It gives residents a nice way to keep up-to-date on neighborhood happenings and gives 'visitors' information about what the 'locals' like/dislike. I want to do more neighborhood exploring so checking for a blog would be a nice way to start a visit. I'll have to look for those when I post a photo from a particular neighborhood.