Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Action! Adventure! Arrests!

At 10:00 PM tonight, at the corner of Ainslie and Albany, six police cars blocked the intersection to detain six Latino men. For about fifteen minutes the police had four handcuffed and were speaking to the other two. One man, obviously intoxicated, was screaming about how his handcuffs were too tight, the police were treating him like an animal, and his mother was very old and sick, to which an officer responded, "Well, how about you start acting like a human?"

Another officer had his flashlight out and was searching the surrounding ground. After a little bit, the previous officer let the screaming drunk man go and strongly advised him to go home and stay home. The two men who were not handcuffed dragged him away from the scene and proceeded to carry him South on Albany. A few minutes later, they walked back and went West on Ainslie. The cops warned them that if they got another call, they were going to "get locked up."

The remaining three were put into the back of a police car and taken away. The rest of the police slowly followed suit.


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