Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Other blogs covering Albany Park!

... besides the fun Fuck Yeah Albany Park tumblr, some new ones have popped up in the last year:

60625news, which is written by a former CSJ writer and the comic book artist Sarah Morton!  She focuses on the Lincoln Square area, hence the zipcode.

Albany Park Neighbors, a new community group that I may or may not check out in March. 


Shadow was 19-year-old Andre Ephrame...

...who died on 9/15/11 at 10:30 p.m

According to the RedEye's homicide map, Andre died on the same block as the RIP graffiti. The Chicago Tribune is reporting the killer's motive was "retaliation" for a shooting in California, that Ephrame was in no way a part as he was on the other side of the country, except, of course, for being in the same gang.
"Cook County prosecutors said Miguel Ruiz, 20, of the 4600 block of North Central Park Avenue, was driving around with his friend Alfredo Carranza, 25, on Thursday, looking for members of rival gangs to shoot.

Carranza's brother had recently been shot in California by a gang member there, which was why he was hunting for other gang members in Chicago.

Eventually they found Andre Ephrame, 19, and Carranza shot and killed him in the 4900 block of North Troy Street, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Melissa Howlett said in court Saturday."  

What solidifies my theory that Andre was Shadow, is an RIP Latin Kings tribute video made about an Andre Ephrame who went by the name of "Shadow." The 1 minute 45 second video is full of images of Andre goofing off with his friends interspersed with Latin Kings imagery. At the end, the video lists his place of death as on "4900 block Lkst," which is in keeping with media and official reports of his place of death.

Gone but never forgotten. 

Here is Andre's mug shot, taken in May 2011, for carrying a firearm illegally.  Andre lived in Little India

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Win a Dinner for Two at Semiramis!

You just have to take a related photo, and tag them on Facebook. See the photo below: