Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Max Grinnell, out doing interviews to promote his new book "24 Great Walks in Chicago" had this to say about Albany Park:

"Anything you learned while writing this book -- a fact, a place, etc. -- that astounded you? Or, at least, surprised you?

In two words: Albany Park. I've taken my students from the University of Chicago there for years, but this neighborhood is truly a microcosm of the future of cities in the United States. There's no majority ethnic group in the community, and it's such an interesting blend of Central American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Korean culture. I didn't really know it well enough until I started working on this book, and it is a place that all Chicagoans and visitors should visit."

- Gaper's Block

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby doll on roof, in alley between Gunnison and Ainslie.

Courtesy of Fauxtank

Albany Park is out to get cops

A couple of days ago, there was that car crash that injured 3 people and a police dog..... and this morning, a state trooper is in critical condition after his vehicle collided into a pole and burst into flames.


Grates and Babies

I am just wondering what the group of men were doing on the corner of Albany and Ainslie. I often people watch, where normally uneventful things happen. Children and moms buy ice cream from the bicycle ice cream man, tricked out vans park on the corner and blare Ranchero music to impress all the sweet honeys walking by, and groups of young people walk and shout (not talk) about who gave head to whom.

Today was a unique scene. A group of four men had a grate pulled off the parkway, a grate I am assuming covers the incredibly sanitary water system we all love smelling while taking a romantic stroll with our boos, and were standing around this open hole. A group of middle aged women stood across the street and watched as these men stared down into the hole (oh, the rugged manliness of 'working 'men), until the men seemed satisfied they had seen everything in the bottom of this unexplained hole, pulled the cover back on, and dispersed.
What could they have been doing? My only thought was there was a baby down there, but they seemed a little too relaxed for that. And if there is a baby, I'm just hoping that it died on the fall down.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, it's that time of year again. We're a couple weeks til the 4th of July, and the neighborhood residents are testing, making sure they know how to fire off their rockets. I understand the appeal. Really.

I am used to hearing a burst of gun shots one or two or three times a month. But I rarely see them documented any where. Am I the only one in this neighborhood that calls the cops? Do I need to start calling every time?

Hurry on up, the Fourth of July! Firecrackers are not fun for me.


Monday, June 22, 2009

The "water cleaning facility" under the bridge on Lawrence, between California and Sacramento. Located in Ronan Park.


Welcome to the Albany Park blog!

The overlooked, but one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. We've got copious amounts of crime, garbage, and ethnic and religious diversity. This neighborhood is ripe with possibilities for citizen activists. Blagojevich lived here.

Also, I can't find a writing job, so I am making my own.

This blog will have various writers commenting on various topics. If you have something to say, or you too, want to write/rant about Albany Park, e-mail me at a.parkinchicago@gmail.com