Saturday, September 19, 2009

Events in the neighborhood


The Swimming Pool Project Space is having a one-night only exhibition tonight, called the GroupSOLO project, a rotating gallery performance of 4 individual artists. The artists are Carol Jackson, Tom Long, Jeffrey Grauel and Diego Leclery, and each exhibit will be installed on the hour by Aza Quinn-Brauner and Daniel Baird. The installation will be visible, as that is the point:
The public performance exposes the behind-the-scenes gallery installation and prep work. The on-lookers will experience timely intervals of action allowing singular artists in a group show to be viewed more intimately and critically. Additionally, because of the truncated exhibition times, some guests may come and go with the intention of seeing a specific artist's work (just as one would come to see a band play their set within a night's line up) conveniently featuring more obvious social sub-groups within the art viewing and art making public.
The exhibit starts at 7pm, and goes until 11. The line up: T. Long @ 7- 8, D. Leclery @ 8 - 9, C. Jackson @ 9- 10, with J. Grauel going last from 10- 11pm.


Mi Lindo Pueblo restaurant is having a party, from 8pm - 3am. Admission is free, and so are margaritas for the ladies. It looks like there will be 5 different boy bands/mariachi bands at this event. Check out the flyer below.

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