Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alley Adventures

Today, while I was scouring the alleyways for wood and glass I could paint on, I had the following encounters:

I saved some birds from being captured by a little girl. She had propped up a cardboard box with a pencil, and attached to that pencil was a very long string that extended into her house. I could see the little girl crouched in her doorway where she watched. She had sprinkled rice and crumbs all around and under the box and when I walked by, I startled the group of gathered sparrows. She cried out in Spanish as they flew away, and it was then that I understood what I had done.

There's a large clear plastic table top in the alleyway by Ainslie and Sacramento. I contemplated taking it, but I don't have room in my apartment to utilize it properly.

I met "Loco", a local personality. He makes his own "chopper" bikes, and let me ride his. Why the "chopper"? "Why do you want to ride a bike like everyone else's?" says "Loco". Because the front half of the bike is so long, taking off was a problem. You have to gain enough speed on the first pedal so the bike doesn't wobble. "Loco" explained that it took a couple of minutes for him to learn how to start, and escorted me to the smooth asphalt of Ronan Park's sidewalk. I got the hang of it on my third try. "Loco"'s got all the tools necessary, including a "welder", so if I ever want to make my own chopper, all I have to do is ask around Whipple and Ainslie for "Loco" and someone will run and get him.

......lastly, I found this graffiti at the entrance to Ronan Park, off Ainslie.

- soluble

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