Monday, September 28, 2009

a minor annoyance- wrote a short article on whether or not now is the time to buy some real estate. Pretty mundane stuff, except for the first paragraph:
The month Jennifer Galdes moved into her condo in the Albany Park section of Chicago, the local paper suggested that the area was up and coming. Six years later, she's still waiting for a Whole Foods.
There is no need for a Whole Foods in this neighborhood. Absolutely none. Albany Park has Andy's Fruit Ranch, Aldi, HarvesTime (best grocery store in the city, hands down), Lindo, a Jewel-Osco, and more than 20 small little independent groceries of Middle-Eastern, Korean, Mexican, and European descent. I am proud we don't have the over-priced yuppie "organic" trash that is Whole Foods, because then I couldn't afford to live here. John Mackey and his right-wing BS can stay the hell out of my neighborhood.

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  1. Agreed! Andy's Fruit Ranch is a great place to shop for inexpensive food and a good beer/wine selection.