Monday, August 17, 2009

Register for classes at your local park today!

Registration for Fall Chicago Park District classes opened today- with prices for classes ranging from free, to $120 depending on the type of class. All parks are offering some sort of soccer, basketball and arts and crafts for youngsters, and go from September 21st to December 6th. Some highlights:

Eugene Field Park has a Step Aerobics, Drawing and Painting, and Stained Glass class for adults.

Gomper's Park is offering a Badminton and Walking Club for adults.

Horner Park has a Handbuilding, Piano, Mosaics, Woodcraft, and Sign Language class for adults.

Jensen Park is offering a Table Tennis class for adults,

(and the best for last),

River Park is offering an Oil Painting class for adults for $25.

To register or browse all classes go here.

Online registration ends September 7th, but if you're interested in a class, register now rather than later as the classes tend to fill up quickly.

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