Sunday, August 30, 2009

a rabbit dinner

My boyfriend and I cooked a whole rabbit the other day for dinner. As an Eastern European, I've eaten rabbit plenty of times (when visiting back home), but my boyfriend had not. We got the rabbit from Aden Live Poultry, which is across the river, technically not "Albany Park", but close enough.

Aden's is a butcher shop that slaughters live animals, something surprising to see in Chicago. The shop has been open for 3 months, and the owner Abbas Aldafri says business has been very good. Aldafri says he opened his own butcher shop after working at the one a couple doors down. On the window of the shop are three images of cute bunnies, pictures he clearly got from the internet. Aldafri says his most popular item is chicken (about 70% of his sales) and he was kind enough to explain the taste and cooking difference in the white and brown chicken he offers. You can read more about our experience at Aden's (including picking out the rabbit) here.

As for the rabbit, it took two hours to cook and was delicious. I ate dinner slowly, thinking about the taste and any similarities or differences with chicken. After having seen the animal I wanted to take my time with it's meat. We made potatoes and stuffing to compliment. We still have the back legs for sandwiches and all the organs- which we will make pate with, or feed to the cats. Recipe and instructions courtesy of Google.


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