Monday, August 24, 2009

I went to the Greekfest and all I got were…

The Greek fries. But, before I even got myself to the Greek Fest, there was much to be said about it – by others, not me.

“If you’ve been to one Greek fest, you’ve been to them all,” a friend said. She told me to expect 2 rides—a Tilt-a-whirl and a swing ride. Sure enough, both were there.

“Greek food is the best! The Greeks really know how to cook,” said another. This also proved to be true.

It was a perfect weekend for the event, even though Saturday was a bit chilly. I wandered over on Sunday afternoon, to find the event in full swing! Tents with freshly baked baklava and spanakopita were ready to go. As was the food tent with a wide selection of Greek foods, including gyros, authentic pistachio plates, and Greek fries, which is what I settled on. Of course, I could not pass up the baklava and some Greek coffee.

The church staff said all the food was freshly prepared by the church elders. There was no doubt in my mind as the baklava could not have tasted more fresh. The Greek coffee, even on a warm day was a perfect accompaniment.

What made this festival stand out from the 60 thousand other Chicago festivals was not only the fresh food, but the vendors. Inside the church, the vendors were unlike any other festival vendors. Local businesses and home business dominated the room. Of course, I did my part to supported the current economy and any local business that I could by buying gifts—for myself and others. The most notable vendors were the guy who made signs hand-carved in oak and the lady selling the blown glass jewelry from Italy.

Overall, Albany Park is lucky to host such a fun, little festival!


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