Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The APCC has moved? Did this neighborhood even need the APCC?

 Pardon me for being late to this news, as I was in India for a month, but the Albany Park Community Center is now located in Ravenswood!?

Can someone explain to me how the APCC will continue to serve the community if it is no longer located in Albany Park, but two well-to-do neighborhoods away and towards the lake?

Well, that's the thing: the APCC is now trying to be a city-wide service, as opposed to a neighborhood service.  The APCC isn't really concerned about serving Albany Park any more, they say. They want to serve the whole city.

Is this a sign of Illinois' economic times? In an interview, APCC president did say they are depending less and less on government and state funding.


According to Patch (which is now covering Lincoln Square for some reason - no wonder Fourcher felt threatened), the move allows the APCC to employ more people, provides a better social and working atmosphere as the organization is no longer split between 2 floors, and offers bigger space for cheaper rent. Programs offered at the APCC include employment training and the rehabilitation of veterans, but something about Ravenswood and its comparable wealth really rubs me the wrong way.  It's all about location, right?

You'd think that if the APCC was trying to reach more people in need of their services, they'd move to a less affluent neighborhood.  You know, a neighborhood where their services are actually needed and wanted.

Are you really going to make poor people commute farther to your center? Where they'll walk past pretty boutiques and manicured streets with flower boxes - aka, feel more shitty about their economic level and life - to go take job training classes and learn how to speak English?  Well, yes.  Yes you are.

At least Albany Park still has Our Lady of Mercy, which many would argue is the real community center here in Albany Park.  And we have the APNC and NRC, which actually provide real services to the community.

Sigh. I don't know why I am angry about this.

Oh, no, yes I do.

I hate it when we lose nonprofits and neighborhood services. I was pissed when Blue Sky Bakery left, when they reduced CAPS meetings for every other month for my police district, and then when they closed down the library at Kimball & Foster.

Now this???   

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  1. They're getting lots of private dollars and they can get more if they broaden their service area.

    Don't be surprised... the head of the center was an executive @ United Way and so thinks in terms of growth (=$$$) not community.

    Ridiculous that they're keeping the name but they're running the same services in AP.