Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last Night's Fire Displaced 28 Albany Parkers

....reports the Twitter stream of the American Red Cross.
The blaze began around 4am on Sunday morning, on the back porch of a three-story apartment building. No one was injured. From the Tribune's "overnight violence and mayhem" reporter Peter Nickeas:

Fire engines, trucks and ambulances jammed the blocks surrounding the building, in the 4800 block of North Lawndale Avenue, as crews worked to extinguish the blaze.
Nickeas snapped this pic, as well as this one he shared on Twitter:
Meanwhile CBS/WBBM Radio, who made a note to mention the CTA's "warming buses" for the people displaced, is reporting that 4800 North Lawndale Avenue is "Avondale."

What? Avondale is Lawrence between Kimball and Pulaski? They're trolling me, right... Right???

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  1. Actually Lawndale is between Kimball and Pulaski also. Avaondale runs next to Kennedy Expressway.