Monday, August 11, 2014

Park West of River Park Gets an Upgrade too

Photos taken on June 15th, of what I assume is the work of Chicago Plays (see my last post), the Mayor's five year program rebuilding 500 playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas throughout the city.

I don't really know what this recreational area with the soccer field area is called (Google calls it "Chicago Celtic Training Location" but I don't think that is the official name???), it could just be River Park... but anyway, it was in desperate need of a cash infusion. Check out how bad the erosion of the banks was in 2011. Hooray concrete and gravel, keeping the banks in tact.

The other interesting thing to note about this recreational area: Jaime M. Andrade, Jr claimed partial responsibility for the development of this park,  believes it helped rehabilitate this section of Albany Park from its "Little Beirut" days back when he was working for Mell Sr.

Lastly, some hyperlocal media criticism: why didn't DNAinfo do a post about the construction being done at these two parks? These park upgrades make quick and easy posts.


  1. It's for River Park's boathouse! The construction has disrupted the geese who used to hijack a good bit of the western side of the park. Kiwanis Park, Von Steuben's back field, and Carmen where it curves along the river have seen a lot more geese and gosslings this season

    1. Thanks Jessland! Really don't get why these aren't showing up in my google searches, maybe because it was from last year?