Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Ecuadorian Association Needs Your Old Computers

  AEU Vice President Danny Siguenza and AEU volunteer Edwin Rivera. Both also volunteer at CeaseFire. 

The Asociacion Ecuador Unido (AEU or Ecuadorian Union Association in English) just north of Lawrence on Albany is currently trying to build a computer lab/free Internet cafe on their premises, and they are in desperate need of old computers and donations.

 "There's not a lot of places for youths to go to after school" said AEU Vice President Danny Siquenza, after citing McDonalds as an alternative and the Albany Park Neighborhood Association's computer area "which is always full."

 The computer hangout will be built in the main lobby (see above picture) by volunteers -- mostly parents who drop their children off for dance, music art or Tae Kwon Do lessons taught at the AEU said Siguenza.

The construction will include the demolishing of a wall and a new one to partition the lobby. The AEU will be holding a dance soon (TBD), tickets at $5, to raise money for dry wall, desks and other necessities.

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