Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Albany Park has been in the news lately-

Nancy Collins won 14 grand yesterday, courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times. She's finally going to buy a computer. Read about it here.

A drunk driver injured two cops yesterday and 3 people unsuccessfully tried to rob a currency exchange.

The refugee kids in Albany Park beat the Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center High school soccer team (the Von Steuben team is supposedly one of the best in the region). These refugee kids come from Iraq, Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, and Uganda among others. Says the Chicago Tribune:

"They're survivors," said Greg Wangerin, executive director of the nonprofit Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries in Uptown, which partnered with Von Steuben as a way to help traumatized refugee children from Iraq, Bhutan and other countries build toward stability. "They've gone through thick and thin to get here." In other words, he said, "They're not an easy group to defeat."

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